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Off-in-lieu for travel on weekends


Hi all,

I would like to know what policy other companies have for granting off-in-lieu for business trip flying on weekends. My current company doesn't grant off-in-lieu for flying but I feel we should as it is our off/rest day. Appreciate some ideas.

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Yes we do provide off in lieu subject to mgrs approval (always fine except for critical business exigencies which in this case maybe postponed to another day).





It depends on one’s job scope. If the job scope requires frequent travel as stated in the employment letter, then one should not expect to be “compensated” for travelling on weekends and public holidays, unless this was negotiated before joining the company. For example, service personnel sometimes go to site for long periods; during which time, they are also given allowances, etc., but as this part of their job scope, the company do not grant time off for all the weekends, public holidays, etc. The service personnel would take the weekends and public holidays of the country that they are performing the service. However, there were occasions when the HOD argued for some time off for the service personnel on their return especially if they had been away for more than 3 months.

At the same time, if one is flying only occasionally on one or two weekends or public holidays, then most companies would look upon this as an occasional thing and would normally not provide any time off, etc.

However, if the travel was not part of the original employment scope, then one could negotiate with the management that since travel has become more frequent, perhaps some form of understanding for time off, etc. be agreed on.





Usually off-in-lieu is handled off the system & it’s arranged between the supervisor & the employee concerned.

Supervisor to exercise flexibility in granting such off-in-lieu in the event of business travels over weekend.




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