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Dear HR Practitioners,

I am facing office culture challenges where it's being dominated by long-serving employees. There are some employees whom I spoke to also felt the same but just that there is nothing they can do. Anyone out there who face the same challenge and how do you overcome it?





The culture change must come from the top.




Before the change, we need to know the advantages and disadvantages of change by a field analysis, data research and plan making. Then, also need to know the type of change and scope of change basically. Infrastructures of type of change are a policy change, process change, system change, job role change, culture change, behaviour change, the scale of the change – large or small, speed of change – fast or slow and other. The infrastructure of the scope of change is departmental SOPs, departments, workgroups, business unit, division, people, systems and others. There are several changes like political change, economic change, structure change, strategy change, and so on. Change sequence will be broken down when there are uncertainty, unknown points, culture crisis, risk anxiety, the harm of personal interests.

HR should take change agent role, facilitating change, in order to achieve a change champion.




I should understand your situation because this is what my company is currently facing. I joined the company as HR less than a year now and still cannot adapt to how some employees treat the office like a kingdom.

Currently, to be honest, we have other projects so this part is taken to the backseat. However, I personally feel and my comment in general, start with an interview with the top management about their thoughts about this situation and if it means anything for the company or business. Link up to business or company impact so there is more weight. If there should be behavioural change, identify what are those. If you have the budget, get a third party change management agency in.

What about reviewing your performance appraisal to see how are those behaviours elements are appraised? Is there a focus or only KPI?




The behavioural perspective of HR personnel in this area is very crucial and to make things work, HR has to work with the top management and the leaders for effective and open communication. Setting good habits from the top will deter bad habits from the staff.

In order to build a healthy working environment, all the staff have to put in their best effort regardless of the number of years in the company. Bad office culture does not always necessarily come from long servicing employees.



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