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Office Relocation - Checklist for HR


Dear HR Professionals,

My company is shifting from West to East in first quarter of 2019. I am the HR in charge for the shifting. As such, need your advice on what are the things to do and do you have any checklist?

Right now I can only think of the following:
1) staff transport
2) employee file cabinet
3) HR Dept seating plan
4) conduct anonymous survey on willingness to shift

Did I miss out anything? Appreciate for your advice.

Thank you.


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This depends on your actual scope of the move. Is it for the whole company or your department? Do you have IT support or facilities doing the staff passes? It really depends on individual company.

For HR, you will need a move list of the employees. You may / may not be involved in the seating plan. If you are doing the seating plan, then you need to pass them on to your IT / facilities for computers and phone line.

What about staff passes in your co? Do you have IT or facilities doing this or HR does this? You may need to redo all passes depending on your co.

Then is HR in charge of the communication to employees? Are there site visits for employees prior to the move? Are you providing a move briefing or brochure on nearby facilities and transport options at the new site? Will you be working with providers for this?

Are you doing a farewell / wellcome event? Are you making any commemorative collaterals such as new lanyards or new passes?

Moving is also a good time to purge or shred old docs. Is that planned?

Do you have foreign employees? You need to inform MOM of the changes.

If your co registered address is changing, all legal docs needs to change as well including letterheads and envelopes. All the gov accounts need to be updated too.

There are lots to do. You will need to plan based on your companies requirement. There is no one size fits all.



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