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On MC And Return for Training


Hi Fellow HR Practitioners,

Need your urgent sharing. I have a staff who is on medical leave and he had to come back for a safety training conducted by our customer.

I am looking at classifying it as half day MC and a half at work. What are your thoughts on this?




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MC = not fit to work. Although it’s training, we should not ask him or her to come back.

Think about this. What if he fainted, fell down, anything.




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It depends on the training hours (4 hours - Half day / 8 hours - Full day) that the staff returned to attend. However, since employee returned for work/training; why the consideration to still deduct the medical leave?

In any case, the employee should not return to work from the employee care perspective and also care for other employees (risk if it’s an infectious disease).

Will consider not to make the deduction at all unless other circumstances not mentioned that drives the consideration.




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We do have staff who comes to the office in the morning and take MC in the afternoon, I will record
it as half day MC even certificate indicated as 1 day.




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This is what I will do, cancel 0.5 MC where he comes back for training.