Overlooked allowances

Dear fellow HR professionals

We recently discovered that we overlooked some allowances that were to be paid to our employees. And so we paid them to our current employees accordingly.

However, some past employees who have since resigned were also entitled to those allowances.

So my question is how we can rectify this situation.

Should we pay the past employees the incentive payments which we forgot?

And if do, how do we handle the CPF and tax implications?

We are in the construction industry.

Thank you in advance




HR Poll: Should we pay the allowances to the employees who have already left?

Yes: 56.76%

No: 32.43%

Maybe: 8.11%

Not sure: 2.70%




May pay the local employees but not the foreign employees who have resigned and left the country. - Yas

Yes we need to pay the allowance that are to be paid for the past employee and inform CPF accordingly. - Nithya



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