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Overtime Pay for Shift Work


Dear all,

In view of the support nature provided to our client, we have a team of engineers who are required to 12 hours per day. As the working hours should not be more than 88 hours for continuous 2 weeks, their working days were scheduled as work 3 days, rest days follow by work 2 days, rest days.

Please advise how their OT should be paid when they are working on their schedule rest days. 1.5x or 2.0x.

Ai Ting





Based on MOM guidelines:

Overtime on a rest day or public holiday is calculated as follows:

(Hourly basic rate of pay x 1.5 x Number of hours worked overtime) + (Rest day or public holiday pay)

assuming per day rate is 240 sgd. per hr rate will be $20sgd...

So for that day if the ot hrs on rest day is 5 hrs....then it should be ($20*1.5*5)+$240 = $390





For employees who are not covered by the Employment Act (usually Engineers/Professionals/Mgrs not covered), the company can choose to pay them in whatever rate they deem to be fair. Some companies chose to give off-in-lieu instead of paying for overtime. But most would pay either at 1.0x or 1.5x.

But for employees covered in the Employment Act, overtime should be paid at 1.5x except for Rest Day and Public Holidays where it is paid at 2.0x. Note that a non-working day is not automatically a Rest Day. The company can designate any particular one day of the week as a "Rest Day" for that employee or that Shift. For office-hours workers, Sunday is usually designated as the "Rest Day", but the non-working Saturday is not a "Rest Day". For your workers who work 12-shifts with a 2-week 3 day-4 day pattern, you should similarly designate and spell out in your policy which day of the week is that shift's "Rest-Day". It should be a day where he should normally not need to work. So an employee working Sun-Wed (on Wk1) and Mon-Wed (Wk 2) can be designated to have the "Rest Day" on either of Thurs, Fri or Sat. Days designated as "Rest Days" for that individual's shift will need to be paid at 2.0x if the employee is required to work on that day.

Cheng Hoo




Your company has to determine when is their Rest Day and when is their OFF Day, For the purpose of computation the rate.

For example, if a week, there are 2 non working days, say Friday and Sat,
Your company has to set Rest Day to be either day.

On Rest Day, it shall be either an additional 1 day pay or 2 days pay. You cannot use hourly rate for this. For OFF day, it will be OT rate payable - 1.5.




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