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Overtime pay on public holiday


Hi HR friends,

If we operate on a standard five day week and a worker comes back to work on a Saturday for say ten hours, we pay him overtime at 1.5 times his pay for 10 hrs.

Does the same overtime rate of pay apply if Saturday falls on a public holiday?

I have checked the MOM website but I am still confused as to whether he is entitled to the overtime pay or one extra day’s salary at the gross rate of pay or another day off for the public holiday.

Appreciate any help.

Thank you.
Wei Fen




Hi Wei Fen

It is 1 times the hourly rate of pay for work performed on a public holiday or another day off.

1.5 times the hourly rate of pay for work performed after 8 hours on a public holiday.





Hi Wei Fen

He is entitled to both i.e overtime for working beyond contracted working hours and is also entitled to a public holiday for working on a public holiday.

The information is available in the employment act and the MOM website.




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