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Paid Holiday for Part Timers


Dear HR Professionals,

I have a part-time staff who works on a full day every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If there is a holiday on his workday, he will not report for work, if there is a holiday on his non-working day, he asked for an extra day off.

In order to solve this issue of tracking, we used the formula in the EA to calculate his entitlement and has gotten a 7 days entitlement. The staff indicated that he does not want cash but wanted leave in lieu.

The question now is if the holiday fall on his workday, does he needs to take leave?




If you agree to let him use the 7 days entitlement as a kind of off in lieu (or leave in lieu), then he can use it to cover his absence when he is required to work. When a public holiday falls on his working day and he did not work, he will need to apply for leave or off (since he is already given 7 days off in lieu of public holiday) in order to be paid.




You indicated this staff is on a part-time basis [3 working days as agreed] why given an extra day on non-working days? You want to award part-time staff [min 35 hrs per month worked] then make it clear and record it in his contract or agreement. Employment Contract must be clearly stated for part-timer with less and min 35 working hrs with/without benefits.