Part-Time Staff Off-In-Lieu

Dear HR Community,

We employ part-timers and they are paid a fixed monthly salary.

And for part-timers, we provide them with 2 days of training leaves per annum.

If the training happens to fall on their non-working days, is the company obliged to return an off in lieu to the part-time staff?

To add on, the course is a company-sponsored course.

Annual entitlement = 2 days, but the course happens to be a 3-day course and the third day of the course falls on her non–working day.

Therefore are we obliged to return the additional 1 day to the affected staff?

We are in the specialist childcare industry

Thank you in advance for your views and comments.


Is the company obliged to return an off in lieu to the part-time staff if the training falls on their non-working days?

Yes: 78.05%

No: 9.76%

Perhaps: 4.88%

Not Sure: 7.32%


If yes, then the off day should be compensated. If it’s not mandatory, then the employee may decide whether to join and sacrifice 1 nonwork day or not. – Felicia

My opinion is it depends on whether the 3rd is considered an Off day or a Rest day. And it seems like nothing to do with the sponsorship. – Shannie

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