Paying Part-timers

Calculating Public Holiday Pay for Part-Time Employees in Singapore

How does HR determine the appropriate remuneration for a part-time employee on a public holiday during her initial three months with the company?

To address your query regarding the remuneration of a part-time employee for a public holiday during her initial three months of service, we must consult the Employment Act in Singapore.

For part-time employees in Singapore, according to the Employment Act, the entitlement to public holiday pay is pro-rated based on their working hours.

Here’s how you can calculate it:

  1. Determine the number of public holidays within the 3 months.
  2. Calculate the pro-rated public holiday pay: The number of public holidays during the period x Number of hours the part-timer would normally work on the holiday / Total number of hours the part-timer would normally work in a week.

For example, if there are 2 public holidays during the 3 months and the part-timer usually works 20 hours per week, the formula would be: {Number of public holidays} Multiply {Normal daily working hours}) Divided by {Weekly working hours}

Illustrative Example: If the part-timer works 4 hours per day, 5 days a week (totalling 20 hours a week), and there are 2 public holidays in the 3 months:

[ (2 \times 4) \div 20 = 0.4 ]

Thus, the part-timer is entitled to 0.4 of her daily wage for each public holiday.

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How does your organisation determine the remuneration for part-time employees working on public holidays?

Based on the Employment Act’s pro-rated calculation: 100%

How should part-time employees be compensated if they work on public holidays?

They are entitled to pro-rated holiday pay based on the Employment Act: 85.71%

They should receive double their hourly rate for public holiday work: 14.29%

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