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Payment for Work Done on a Sunday


Hi Fellow HR Practitioners,

Can we pay OT 2.0 for every hour of work on a rest day, instead of 1 day's pay for 4 hrs of work and 2 days' pay for 4-8 hrs of work?

Any OT beyond 8 hours of work on a rest day is it consider as 1.5 or 2.0 rate? According to MOM, it was only mentioned as paid OT.




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If the employee is not covered under the Employment Act, you can pay whatever rate based on your company's policy. For employee covered under the Employment Act (Part IV), OT beyond usual daily hours of work is payable at 1.5 times.




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You can refer to the MOM website.

Rest Day

1 time of the daily rate of pay for work performed within half a day.
2 times the daily rate of pay for work performed the whole day.
1.5 times the hourly rate of pay for work performed after 8 hours on a rest day.

As long as the compensation amount is on par or more than the MOM's guideline, IMO would be ok. So you need to assess the practice you mentioned, about paying 2 x hourly rate on the rest day.