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Performance Improvement Plan


Dear HR Professionals,

We would like to establish our very first Performance Improvement Plan for our employee.

May I know what is the common practise for placing a staff in PIP, in terms of duration and process?

Thank You.




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For our company, the PIP is usually 3 months. It is prepared by the line manager and HR will sit in the PIP sessions. The progress will be reviewed every month. At the end of the period, PIP may be extended for 1 to 3 months if the manager needs more time to assess.

C. Goh



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Establish and communicate the KPIs/ targets, time-frame (usually 2 – 3 months) and frequency for performance reviews (usually monthly) and consequences should the employee fail the review/s.
Provide reasonable support and regular feedback. Review KPIs/ targets with employee at agreed frequency, with proper documentation and sign-offs.

If employee improves and passes the review/s, good. If not, you may begin the exit process, whereby either you let the employee leave on own accord or you terminate the service due to unsatisfactory performance.




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We have an PIP for 6 months with monthly review. If its involved a unionised employee, would suggest to involve your Industrial Relations Officer during the PIP session.