Dear Fellow HR Practitioners,

I am a HR practitioner working in a local company. We are a young start-up and are looking at implementing a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for staff who are underperforming.

Can anyone share with me your current company guidelines and practices on this? Am interested to find out more about the typical duration of the PIP and what happens during the full cycle of a PIP. Also, do you all document down the whole PIP process too?

Many thanks in advance!


1. It is a good practice to document all communications with the staff when you plan to start him/her on PIP. This also helps to provide an audit trail during your internal / external audits.

The PIP period is usually 3 months at the initial start and have to follow up with a review of his/her work performance upon completion of the 3 months. Depending on individual company policy, some companies have the 1st review after 3 months, followed by the 2nd review after another 3 months if the 1st review is not satisfactory.