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Personal Attack at Work


Dear all,

We have this employee who will always go to our MD and complain about this one particular colleague (named as Mr. B) and lately he even sent an email to Mr. B and cc everyone in the company about how bad Mr. B had performed in his work and no did not follow company protocol. Our MD actually sat the 2 of them down, hoping to clear out this mess. It turned out to be worst. He started to made remarks like, show me your latest education certificate, which college were you from and etc. Please share with me, how you will deal with such cases.


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This person who like to complain Mr B is he a supervisory position? If nope then things will be much easier to settle. Because he is supposed to complete whatever task on hand instead create extra fuss for other colleague to handle, secondly as a normal working staff had no right to over right a manager's right to monitor other employee performance then comment so much. Being superior had different expectation for each individual staff, he is not in this position to say unless seeing this MR B doing illegal or unlawful things towards company. At last, this is not very gd for the complaint person himself as it reflect badly on him.

You or your superior could highlight to him that he should just perform his own task completely and appreciate he could just left this MR B alone. Being MANAGEMENT will know how to monitor a person's performance / work n also action would be taken if he continued this way which causes great disturbance toward company atmosphere n workflow. Due to morale of MR B might get affected too. There is no more further acceptance for such behavior.



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