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Personal Music Devices During Worktime


Dear all,

We have several colleagues listening to music while working. Though there are no strict rules against it, I understand that it is affecting morale (no one chatting/talking) and work (when phone call comes, the colleagues with earphones do not answer phone call, else if it is a phone call for them, the person who answered the phone must walk over and tap their shoulder to catch their attention to pick up the phone set).

Would you be able to share your practices over at your workplace?


Reply 1

We do not allow staff wearing earphones to listen to music or to their mobiles at work. Apparently your colleagues are listening to music at high volume [to ease tension] or totally absorbed in their “cut off” world. You need the support from stakeholders [HRM,HODs] to endorse a policy stating that during office hours, no staff is allow to wear earphones for whatever purposes. In your proposal, state your observation how this had affected staff morale, teamwork and working conditions. If company allows, on a radio at low volume to lighten the office environment.


Reply 2

Our Company does not allow staff to listen to music but this is also the rule passed down from the Management. Rightfully, the HOD should correct the staff who relies on others to pick up phone calls for them.


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This is totally not allowed in my workplace. If the staff is required to answer phone calls on the job, the more this must not be allowed. Allowing such practice will do more harm than good as the staffs are minding their own business with the music and not communicating effectively with each other on the job.



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