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PH Overtime rate


Dear HR Community Subscribers,

We have employees who are NOT covered under Part IV of the Employment Act (EA).

And we pay them $5 or $7 per hour for overtime work even if overtime is on a public holiday.

We are reviewing the overtime rate for work during public holidays for those who are NOT covered under Part IV of the EA and appreciate your input on this.

We are in the construction industry.

Thank you.



HR Poll: What overtime rate do you give those working on a public holiday and not covered under Part IV of the EA?

NIL: 57.14%

Less than $5 per hour: 3.57%

$5 to $7 per hour: 3.57%

More than $7 per hour: 35.71%




Another option is to give an off day to save cost - AM

Give Off-in-lieu (OIL) as a replacement since not covered under Part IV of EA - Amanda

Not defined by a certain rate but rather are they covered adequately under the act? - Scott

Will replace with another public holiday - CCP

We give them a replacement PH - Susan

We provide off in-lieu - Cherie


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