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Portable Medical Insurance Coverage


Dear all,

I would like to check if any of your organization are exploring to move away from Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance and to convert as portable medical benefits for staff? If so, would you recommend to do for all employees, or to allow staff to choose between portable medical benefits or GHSI? How did your organization implement such benefits?







Depending on the employee size, may not be financially justifiable to maintain GHS while some or most will be switched to PMBS. Those with pre-existing conditions may need to be handled separately on a case to case basis.





Many of my employees have IP (Integrated shield plan) so giving them a GHS policy does not benefit them much.

To support their IP (which is portable medical), we credit a fixed sum of money to our staff Medisave account and salary account (twice a year) so as to support (co-pay) their premiums for the policy. For staff without IP, we encourage them to tap on the company's monetary support and purchase an IP which gives them better medical coverage. We supported them by giving advice on buying the right IP which meets their budget. So far, response has been very good and my staff appreciates this benefit given.




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