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Pre-employment checks


Dear HR Community

I understand that many companies carry out pre-employment checks, especially pre-employment medical examinations.

Are there any other reasons for carrying out such investigations on our potential employees?

Can we skip this if our medical insurers do not require such details?

We are in the biotech industry.

Appreciate your input.

Thank you.




HR Poll: Do you carry out pre-employment checks on potential employees?

Yes: 62.22%

No: 37.78%




Background checks and professional references - Jay

Reference check, more assurance on the work background of the potential employees - Cheryl

We need to know the health status of an employee as any pre-existing illness may not be covered by company insurance. - Hazel

To know the medical condition of employees and for having insurance coverage as required by the insurance company. - AM

Pre-professional check and medical - Vid

To verify what is indicated in his CV, his position with the company, and duration. This is to check the integrity. - KSK

No, we don't, I think the rationale applies if the work nature may have a long term impact on say hearing if working in a prolonged noisy environment such as machinery. then it is good to have a 'before' employment baseline? - Z

Also to determine whether they have any pre-existing illnesses or fit for employment. - Nancy

Currently, my Company does not give a pre-employment check-up to all the employees. We are an oil & gas Company - Florence

Their Medical Reports and ensure that they are fit to work - Paulyne

Group insurance coverage and insurance company - Helen

As for our company to ensure that the candidate is fit to work. - Rebecca

The latest academic score for comparison - Doris

One of the reasons for the pre-employment medical exam could be that the company does not wish to cover the medical cost for the pre-existing ailment, even the outpatient ones. - YW



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