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Pro-rated annual leave


Dear HR Community,

Our managers are entitled to 18 days of annual leave (AL).

This is two days more than new employees.

And all employees will have one more day of AL every two years.

My question is as follows:

If an employee starts work in May 2017 he will be entitled to 17 days of AL from June 2019.

But if he is promoted to a manager in April 2020, is he entitled to 18 or 19 days of AL?

Please help me with this puzzle.

We are in the healthcare industry.

Thank you




HR Poll: How many days is he entitled to?

18 days AL - 40.74%

19 days AL - 51.85%

Not sure - 7.41%




If managers are entitled to 18 days, this must be standardised and applied across the board. He will get his prorated 18 days entitlement from April, the month he is promoted.

Thank you. LC



The basis of calculation will depend on you EC. Since your managers start from 18 days, logically he should be given the extra day.




2017 May -17 days 2019 Jun - 18 days 2020 Apr - 18 days + 1 day's seniority (from 2017)




As he has taken the new appointment, his leave policy must follow the manager entitlement and start with the minimum ie 18 days.




Hey Lyra,

Below are just my thoughts and approach to how I will be handling it. As your company is already given above statutory requirement AL benefits, your company can solely decide on how the benefit works.

If I am approaching this question, I will peg the newly promoted manager to the manager benefit based on his employment period with the company. In this case, it will be 18 days + 1 days as he/she have 2 years of employment in your company.

I feel that this approach will be fair to the employee. Another example: In another situation whereby the person got promoted after 4 years in your company, It will be 18 days + 2 days = 20 days. If this is the first/precedent case, make sure that your policy is updated and apply the same treatment for future cases to ensure fairness & consistency.

Hope the above helps!




The length of service in consideration for the additional AL should not be forfeited due to the employee’s promotion.




Year 2017 – 16 /12 X8 = 10.5 days Year 2018 – 16 days Year 2019 – 17 days Year 2020 – ( 17 X 3 / 12) +( 19 X 9 /12) = 18.5 days




He earnt it. He is entitled to 18 days AL because he got promoted, I'm sure he must have performed well, that's why he got the promotion. He also stayed in the company for at least 2 years, he also earnt this leave increment for his continued service to the company.



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