Pro-rated Annual Leave

How do HR executives calculate pro-rated annual leave in Singapore and what are the implications of pro-rated annual leave?

In Singapore, pro-rated annual leave is calculated based on an employee’s duration with a company within a calendar year.

The pro-rated annual leave is typically relevant for employees who join or leave a company partway through the year or those who have not completed a full year of service.

To calculate pro-rated annual leave, you can use the following formula:

(Annual leave entitlement / 12) x Number of completed months of service

For example, if an employee is entitled to 14 days of annual leave per year and they have worked for 5 complete months, the pro-rated leave would be:

(14 days / 12 months) x 5 months = 5.83 days (rounded to the nearest half-day or full-day depending on company policy)

Pro-rated annual leave implies that employees who do not work a full year will receive a leave entitlement proportional to their work time.

This ensures fair treatment of employees and compliance with the Employment Act in Singapore.

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Leave to round up or down should be based on the Employment Act or can be more generous than what is regulated under the Employment Act. – Ann

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