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Probation for managers


Dear HR Community

We have three-month probation for all positions currently.

But we are planning to increase the probation period for more senior positions like managers and above from three to six months.

Is this the common practice in your organisation as well?

We are in the technology industry.

Thank you in advance.




HR Poll: Do you have a higher probation period for more senior positions?

Yes: 66.04%

No: 28.30%

Not sure: 5.66%




Senior roles may have higher probation in view of the challenges in recruiting a replacement. - Cheryl

Directors/Functional Heads or equivalent have 6 months probation while all other staff have 3 months probation. - Jess

Yes, it's common and resignation notice will be longer than the standard practice as well. - Ginna

Our VPs have a probation period of 6 months. - Nirosha

Unless is GM, AVP, Director and above than 6 mths probation is alright but for grade level manager and below 3 months is sufficient - AM

Yes. Even in my previous company, an MNC, for junior positions, our probation was 6 months. - Joanna

6 mths for mgr and above positions - SC

Yes, 6 months fr senior position - Arthi

We are an interior design company for commercial offices and spaces. Our standard probation period is six months for all positions. - Serence

A Manager’s duty is beyond administrative in nature. Hence the 6 months will do justice to the ability to strategise and assess how the incumbent relates to the people and environment. 6 months probation will also allow seeing the true colours of the Manager as the first three months is the max months that a person can last to ‘appear as the right person’. - Ayda


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