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Public Holiday Off-in-Lieu


Dear HR Practitioners,

I would like to know the general practice for Public Holidays falling on a Saturday. For those on a 5 day work week, 1 day Off-in-Lieu will be credited into our leave balances. How about those who work half day on Saturday? Do you credit half day into their leave balances? If you do or don't, kindly assist to explain the rationale behind it?

Thank you.






For 5.5 days week, half day leave will be credited to the staff and for those who work on alternate Saturday off, the staff on off will be credited with 1 day’s off. The rationale behind is that everyone should have the entitlement of the Public Holiday. Staff who is scheduled to work on the Saturday which is a Public Holiday will be off and staff who is on that Saturday will not lose out – they will be credited with a day’s off.

Siew Hua



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