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Dear All,

As my Company is working on projects that are closely linked to government sector which require to hire blue-collared candidates.

I like to check with my fellow colleagues on how you recruit candidates.

My current method of recruitment : Advertising online portals / newspapers / engaging recruitment agencies

However above all, I am still unable to source for suitable candidates.

Seek your advice on this.

Thank you!






May I know what is the requirement of the candidates you are looking for? Same method as you are using now, will engage the recruitment agency for overseas recruitment if you have quote to hire foreign worker.





We too faced the same issue of not obtaining suitable local candidates despite using the same advertising process.

Option 1 is to source for candidates from overseas for mid-term employment of 1 or 2years. However you may encounter issues such as quotas for Work Permit and S-Pass.

Option 2 is to seek the assistance of manpower supply companies for workers.

We mainly rely on option 2 for temporary workers to complete external projects.





I personally find that referral scheme (i.e. getting your staff to introduce their friends) is the most effective method to recruit operational level candidates. The ROI is almost definitely higher than online advertisements. Not sure what type of skills you are looking at, but you could also consider participating in mass recruitment fairs.

Not everyone you meet there is a fit but this helps you to create awareness for your company, and you can further tap into referrals from there. Or use the leads from the fairs to build a database of candidates that you can potentially reach out to in the future (sometimes people attending the fairs are just lukewarm but may become available later on).




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