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Reimbursement of Chiropractic Fee


Hi HR Practitioners,

I wish to know if anyone allows a claim for a Chiropractic package? An employee submitted a medical claim for a 10 times chiropractic plan.

Please advise. Thank you.






1.  No, we don’t entertain such a claim.

Perhaps you need to evaluate:

- This employee has sustained a work-related inquiry Or is it personal?

- The work-related inquiry needs supporting documentation like MC, hospital bills, doctor’s letter or recommendation. Any submitted?

- What’s your company medical and insurance policy?

2. If chiropractic care is required as a result of work injury or environment, then I always insist the staff gets a proper sign-off recommendation from the company panel of doctors. And if it is due to work, some group insurance covers chiropractic care so check with your insurance provider if can claim under that.

If not due to work, then you should check your policy for non-claimable clause (i.e. maternity, existing medical conditions not covered under Company).

3.  The company can set a maximum claim amount e.g. $ 500/- per year and per trip total visit/consultation & medical fee cannot exceed $40/- & is up to 3 trips per month.

This is stated in our appointment letter on Medical benefits which is also good to avoid misunderstanding in the future. Staff who are Free medical attention throughout the 1 year will get $450/- being good health Bonus.

4.  My company allows chiropractic claims, capped on a yearly basis. It's in the Employee Handbook, so we'll validate it, as an additional benefit offered to employees.


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