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Reimbursement of Medical Consultation


Hi HR practitioners,

Under the EA, medical consultation fee must be borne by the employer if the employee worked for at least 3 months and granted sick leave arising from the consultation. Has this been complied with even if an employee goes to a government specialist clinic for consultation as a private patient? I.e. all consultation fees? Would appreciate if you could share your company’s practice.




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The EA does not distinguish between subsidized or private patient. As long as the employee is treated by government medical officers or company's recognized private doctors, employers are obligated to pay for the medical consultation fees. We use group insurance to cover GP and outpatient specialist medical expenses.




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MOM website has also clearly indicated that the reimbursement for medical consultation fee depends on the medical benefits in the employment contract or company’s collective agreement with its union. This includes other medical costs, such as medication.

Most companies in SG provide medical reimbursement/panel clinic scheme, with an annual capping, usually between SGD 800 – SGD 1200. Some companies have a per visit capping. With such general guidelines and restrictions, employees should then make his or her own decision whether to go to normal GP or local/overseas specialist clinic, by considering the medical benefits amount limit in mind.