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Reservist During Notice Period


Hi Fellow HR Practitioners,

We have a staff who is serving his notice period now, official last day is 29 August 2018. He is required to go for reservist on 8 Aug 2018 and 28 Aug 2018 to 19 Sep 2018.

How many days is he required to come back and work after his reservist ends on 19 Sep 2018?

How should I calculate his payroll?

Thank you.




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If your company insists that he should serve the required notice period during his reservist period, technically he should work 3 days (in lieu of 8 Aug, 28 Aug, and 29 Aug) after 19 Sep 2018.
Aug 2018's payroll computation will depend on how whether you claim ns pay or deduct NS pay. Sep 2018's payroll will be applicable if he works the 3 days after his reservist training ends on 19 Sept 2018.




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Reservist training is not considered as part of the notice period. For example, if you go for 1 week of reservist training while serving notice, your notice period will be extended by 1 week. Staff will need to extend the notice period by 3 days. Payroll calculation will be as per usual.