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Dear HR Community,

This past year has had a toll on employees especially HR professionals who have been called upon to take on additional roles.

And studies have begun evidencing the effects of the pandemic on employees putting further pressure on HR departments.

In one research study, Gartner found that four in five employees worldwide have experienced higher levels of burnout.

Some of the symptoms of burnout are loss of motivation, being more negative, or self-doubt.

Accordingly, HR practitioners are now resilience makers for their organisations.

They have to cook up a recipe that increases resilience amongst the employees using ingredients like engagement, goal alignment, incentives, team bonding, counseling, and communication.



HR Poll: Which of the following will improve resilience?

Engagement: 29.17%

Goal alignment: 12.50%

Incentives: 6.25%

Team bonding: 12.50%

Counseling: 25.00%

Communication: 2.08%

Not sure: 12.50%



There are many contributing factors, including but not limited to employee engagement, communication, goals alignment, rewards, recognition and etc. - Shirlynn

Elevating communication is foundational to creating an engaged, resilient workforce today - Make time for informal communication Recognize Commitment – that employees are putting in the extra effort and hours to get work done and to go an extra mile. - Linda


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