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Rest Day or Overtime


Hi everyone,

For staff working 5 days work week (Mon-Fri), if they work on Saturday, Company should pay normal OT rate per hour worked? Or does it consider as Rest Day of MOM guidelines?

Thank you in advance!





1. You need to check if the staff is covered under employment act. If covered, working less than 4 hours is 1 day’s pay, more than 4 hours is 2 days’ pay. Anything beyond normal working hours is considered OT. If not covered (e.g. executive & above), Company can compensate as off in-lieu. All these can be found in MOM website

2. As per MOM, every employee must have 1 rest day in a week. Hence, for those who worked 5-day in a week, usually Saturday is considered off day and Sunday is considered a rest day. For those who worked on Saturday, OT rate is 1.5 if Saturday is considered their off day.

3. Company should pay OT.