Restaurant Recruitment Suggestions

Dear HR Community

I am Irene, working remotely as HR Manager for a German restaurant in Singapore.

I would like to get your insights on where can we find applicants for our job opening for both Full time and Part time positions in our restaurant.

There are so many job boards and employment agencies that have been offering their services and their platform but since I am not a local, I have no confidence in which ones to partner with.

I would like to know where are F&B companies getting their talent. We have tried referral programmes but they can only get you so many referrals and interests.

Appreciate any input and suggestions from the organisation.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Hello Irene!

It’s great that you’re looking to optimize your recruitment process for your German restaurant in Singapore.

Finding the right candidates for your full-time and part-time positions is crucial for the success of your F&B establishment.

Here are some insights and suggestions for where you can find potential applicants:

  1. Online Job Boards:
    • Job Boards: There are popular job boards in Singapore that cater to a wide range of industries, including F&B. Many job seekers actively use these platforms to find job opportunities.
  2. Social Media Platforms:
    • LinkedIn: This professional networking platform is an excellent place to find potential candidates, especially for managerial roles or those requiring specific skills. You can post job openings on your company’s LinkedIn page or join relevant F&B groups to share opportunities.
    • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: Utilize these platforms to share posts about job openings. You can also use paid advertising to target specific demographics.
  3. Local F&B Associations and Forums:
    • Look for industry-specific forums or associations in Singapore’s F&B sector. These platforms often have job boards or dedicated sections where you can post your job openings.
  4. University and College Career Centers:
    • Contact local universities and culinary schools to inform them about your job opportunities. Graduating students often seek entry-level F&B positions.
  5. Local Classifieds:
    • Check out local newspapers and magazines that have classified sections. Some job seekers still rely on traditional sources for job listings.
  6. Specialized F&B Job Portals:
    • Consider platforms that focus specifically on F&B industry job listings.
  7. Networking Events:
    • Attend industry-related events, workshops, and seminars. These events provide opportunities to network with potential candidates who are passionate about the F&B industry.
  8. Recruitment Agencies:
    • While you mentioned some hesitation with using employment agencies, they can be valuable resources. Look for reputable agencies with experience in the F&B sector.
  9. Company Website:
    • Make sure your restaurant’s website has a dedicated “Careers” section where you can list job openings. This can attract candidates who are already interested in your brand.
  10. Employee Referral Programs:
    • You mentioned that you’ve tried referral programs. While they might not yield all the candidates you need, they can still be a valuable source of high-quality referrals.
  11. Collaboration with Culinary Schools:
    • Partner with local culinary schools for internships or apprenticeship programs. This can help you nurture and train potential candidates from the ground up.

Remember to create compelling job descriptions that highlight the unique aspects of working at your restaurant.

Additionally, engaging visual content, such as photos or videos of the work environment, can help attract potential candidates.

By diversifying your recruitment strategies and targeting multiple channels, you’ll increase your chances of finding the right talent for your restaurant.

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