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Restricting staff travel


Dear HR Community

As more overseas travel is being allowed to countries like Hong Kong, it is likely that some employees will engage in leisure travel.

Since the pandemic is far from over in many countries, can we restrict employees from overseas travel when they take their annual leave?

And if we cannot, how do we ensure their health and safety?

We are in the legal industry.

Thank you in advance.




HR Poll: Can we restrict employees from overseas travel?

Yes: 17.50%

No: 65.00%

Maybe: 5.00%

Not sure: 12.50%




Policy and guideline to ensure employees aware of the criteria for travel to unsafe countries - Maggie

1. The staff is responsible to inform HR if they travel overseas.

2. When they are back from overseas to produce swap test result taken after their return.

3. Swap test will be at their own cost.

4. Should any SHN or quarantine be required, any cost incurred will be borne by the employee - Hazel

Ask the Staff who wants to travel overseas to be on alert and go for the health check. There is no way HR can control or restrict employees from travelling overseas - YEH

We do not restrict employees to travel. After all, it is their personal matter. But we share with them all the risks and ask them to sign an agreement undertaking the risk of not being able to return to work within 6 months and all associated costs like SHN and tests - PCY

We don't restrict staff on personal travel. We will ensure they aware that they are to bear the consequences if that country sudden goes into lockdown. They will be on unpaid leave during the period. We will request them to acknowledge the requirement - Jenny

Ensure that they declare it to their HOD if they will be in Singapore. Make it clear who bears the cost of SHN (if incurred), the type of leave that they need to take to cover during their absence - Jessica

Provide the travel advisory for that country so that they are aware of the situation. Let them know that they will need to follow the SHN order in place. Allow employees to carry forward their leave to next Q1 or Q2 so that they can utilize it in a hopeful safer period - Ronnie

Overseas travel declaration for leisure travel, they have to take extra days of leave after coming back from work if no SHN required - Cherie

Unable to. You can only let them know the company stand e.g. will there be reimbursement for the medical cost incurred due to personal leisure leave treatment for an extended period due to personal leisure - May


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