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Retaining S Pass Worker


Dear HR Professionals,

Would like to know, if organization don't have enough quota to support S Pass for renewal what are the possible ways to retain S Pass workers.

Can downgrade to work permit? Nationality is Bangladeshi holding diploma holder.

Any suggestion?





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Can downgrade him as WP but you need to get approval from him as some does not want to downgrade.




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Work permit conditions are more stringent than S Pass, especially for non-traditional source countries (such as Bangladesh). If rejected, you may appeal and provide very good reasons (such as special skills) for this applicant.




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It is best to call up MOM and check.




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Can upgrade existing Malaysian S pass degree holders with “good salary” to EP and downgrade some to Work Permits so that you can have more S pass for those non-traditional source specialists. If you can, please support locals true blues and SPR candidates on priority, as also advised by MOM.