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S Pass Cancellation


Dear All,

I would like to find out about the S Pass cancellation practice amongst companies.

Understand that S Pass are to be cancelled a day after the staff's last day of service. In the event if the last day of service falling on a weekend, it would mean HR will only be able to cancel on the following Monday, the earliest. Upon cancellation, EPOL will generate a Cancellation Letter and STVP. STVP is to be produced to immigration officer when leaving Singapore.

In a scenario where a staff's last day of service falls on a weekend and staff also wishes to go return to country of origin on the same weekend, how should HR act on this? Since staff will not have S Pass cancelled yet, staff would not have possession of STVP to clear customs.

Look forward to hearing from you!






If the worker has returned, select "No" under the Cancel S Pass after you log onto EPOL with your SingPass. Refer to Annex for a comprehensive guide to do cancellation online.





The S Pass can be cancelled on the physical last working day of the foreign employee. For IR21 clearance, the last day of service to be indicated will be the official last day which, in the scenario, falls during a weekend.





Just declare as the person is not in Singapore during pass cancellation. The STVP will not be issued in this case. The staff will only be issued STVP upon entering Singapore after his holiday.




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