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Did you renew your S Pass for your staff even though he did not pass the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT)?

Dear HR Community,

Has anyone had a successful appeal for an S pass recently?

My current S pass employee meets the minimum salary for S pass renewals.

However, based on the SAT tool on the MOM website, we need to pay him 30% more than his current salary in order to retain him as he is already 45 years old.

We are a small SME and it is very difficult for us to find Singaporeans and PRs to fill this position due to the nature of the job and industry.

The SAT tool seems to only take age into consideration and not the occupation and the qualifications of the S pass holder.

Is anyone in the same situation and recently managed to successfully appeal/renew for the Spass holder despite not passing the online SAT assessment?

We are in the Marine industry

Appreciate some feedback on this matter.


Did you renew your S Pass for your staff even though he did not pass SAT?

Yes: 22.22%

No: 61.11%

Maybe: 5.56%

Not Sure: 11.11%


1. Yes, we refer to SAT results.

2. If we do not meet the minimum salary for renewal, we may not proceed to renew the S-Pass.

3. We will review the work permit requirements instead.

4. Employers and HR who face great challenges to meet the rising salary threshold for S-Pass or to fulfill the stringent COMPASS requirements for potential EP candidates may want to consider raising their feedback and concerns to MOM directly or via EDB. – Ann

The employee has worked with us for nearly 10 years. We don’t want to lose this loyal experienced employee. Just because of “age”, we have to adjust employee salary (up to 16%) to meet the min requirement. – Jenny

We usually follow the recommendations of the SAT. And yes, you are right the increase in salary is around 30%. Generally, the more years of working experience the staff has the higher the salary is set. Hence age correlates accordingly. – Mary

Yes, we renewed the S-Pass of 1 staff recently and have to increase his salary to $4650 in order to have the pass renewed because he is over 45 years old. – Stephen

Reply by HRAI Chat

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) uses the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) to determine the eligibility of S Pass renewal applications. While the SAT primarily considers factors such as the applicant’s age and salary, it may also take into account other factors, including the job’s nature and industry requirements.

If you believe that the SAT assessment does not accurately reflect the qualifications and suitability of your S Pass employee for the position, you can consider the following steps:

Provide additional information: When appealing an S Pass renewal, you can submit additional documentation and explanations that highlight the qualifications, skills, and contributions of the employee that make them suitable for the position. Include any relevant information about the job’s industry and specific requirements.

Seek help from an Employment Pass (EP) Online account: The EP Online account is a portal for employers to manage their work pass applications and appeals. You can use this platform to submit your appeal and any additional information. You may also contact the MOM for guidance.

Consult with an expert: If you find the process challenging, consider consulting with an expert who can provide advice and assistance in preparing a strong appeal.

Re-evaluate your recruitment efforts: In the long term, it may be beneficial to invest in finding and training local talent for the position. MOM encourages employers to consider Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) for job vacancies to meet their workforce needs.

It’s important to remember that the approval of S Pass renewals depends on various factors, and each case is unique. While appealing the SAT assessment can be an option, there is no guarantee of success.

It’s essential to make a strong case and provide compelling reasons for why your S Pass employee is indispensable to your business and why local candidates may not be suitable for the role.

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