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Salary Deduction - Uniforms


Dear HR Professionals,

Understand that we are not allow to simply deduct employees' salary. My company do provide uniforms for our staff. Due to high turnover, we suffer higher cost from the uniforms.

Are we allowed to deduct employee salary for their uniforms? According to MOM, salary can be deducted for supplying accommodation, amenities and services. Does uniforms qualified for this?




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Uniform is a disciplined requirement of your company which you have forecast in a different line in your annual budget for certain and/or all position holders. Salaries are the wages paid in lieu of services provided by the employees.




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Employees are to sign the undertaking letter on the salary deduction for not returning the uniform.

It is not allow to deduct salary for uniform. You can write in to MOM on this query.

We have asked the authority and it was advice not to deduct salary for uniform.




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You are not allowed to deduct for uniforms from staff salary. However if the staff damage their uniform, uniform become too tight etc, they are allowed to buy from the company and pay for the additional uniform before the next issue of uniforms by the company.