In today's competitive business environment, selecting the right candidates for your organization is crucial. The Selection Interview Workshop is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to conduct effective and professional selection interviews. This workshop will provide practical techniques, strategies, and best practices to ensure you can identify the best candidates who align with your organization's values and goals.

Course Details: 


• Understand the key principles and importance of selection interviews.

• Develop effective interviewing skills and techniques.

• Prepare structured interview questions that align with job requirements.

• Evaluate candidates objectively and fairly.

• Make informed hiring decisions based on comprehensive interview assessments.

• Comply with legal and ethical standards in the selection process.


1. Overview of Selection Interviews

• Introduction to the purpose and importance of selection interviews in the hiring process. Discussing the role of interviews in assessing candidate suitability and fit for the organization.


2. Preparing for the Interview

• Steps to prepare for an interview, including job analysis, defining selection criteria, and creating a structured interview guide. Emphasis on understanding the job requirements and competencies needed.


3. Types of Interviews

• Overview of different types of interviews, including structured, unstructured, behavioral, and situational interviews. Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each type.


4. Developing Effective Interview Questions

• Techniques for crafting effective interview questions that elicit valuable information from candidates. Focus on competency-based questions, open-ended questions, and probing techniques.


5. Interview Techniques and Strategies

• Best practices for conducting interviews, including building rapport, active listening, and managing the interview flow. Discussion on avoiding biases and ensuring consistency in the interview process.


6. Evaluating Candidates

• Methods for evaluating candidates objectively, including using rating scales, note-taking, and comparing candidates against predefined criteria. Emphasis on avoiding common evaluation errors.


7. Making the Hiring Decision

• Steps to make a well-informed hiring decision based on interview assessments, reference checks, and other relevant information. Discussing the importance of documenting the decision-making process.


8. Legal and Ethical Considerations

• Overview of legal and ethical considerations in the selection process. Ensuring compliance with employment laws, anti-discrimination regulations, and organizational policies.

Training Methodology

I. Interactive Lectures

• Detailed presentations on key concepts, principles, and techniques.

• Real-life examples and case studies to illustrate best practices.


II. Group Discussions

• Facilitated discussions to encourage participants to share experiences and insights

• Collaborative problem-solving exercises to apply learning in real-world scenarios.


III. Role-Playing and Simulations

• Practical role-playing exercises to practice interviewing skills.

• Simulated interview scenarios to develop confidence and competence.


IV. Workshops and Exercises

• Hands-on exercises to develop interview questions and evaluation criteria.

• Workshops to practice interview techniques and receive feedback from peers and facilitators.


V. Q&A Sessions

• Open forum for participants to ask questions and clarify doubts.

• Expert advice and tips from experienced HR professionals.


Who should attend

• HR professionals involved in the hiring process.
• Managers and team leaders responsible for interviewing and selecting candidates.
• Recruitment specialists looking to enhance their interviewing skills.
• Anyone interested in learning effective selection interview techniques.


Benefits of Attending This Course

• This comprehensive outline ensures that participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct effective selection interviews, ultimately improving the quality of hiring decisions within their organizations.


Michael Giam is an international business professional with decades of senior management experience working in highly complex and cross-cultural business environments. Michael’s international breadth of experience spans both in public institutions and private corporations focusing mainly on business fundamentals and human capital to establish clear and achievable strategic business goals.

From a Senior HR Business Partner to Senior Vice President, Michael has worked for several MNCs including CWT Distribution Limited (Singapore), International Data Corporation (USA), the Millennium & Copthorne International Hotels Group (Singapore), Marriott International (in China) and Melco China Resorts (Holding) Limited (Macau). In his tenure at CWT, Michael was appointed by the CEO as the Management Representative to lead in corporate culture development and change. He has developed, implemented and coached several action programs that were necessary in the development of a learning culture within the organization and beyond. In 2003, Michael was selected by the industry to become one of the Executive Committee Members representing the Singapore hospitality industry to provide value-added initiatives and plans to the local government in enhancing the skills and value of the local workforce. He is active in helping the community, especially those unemployed and in poverty to reskill them and bring them back to the workforce.

In recent years Michael worked in China for Marriott to open new properties and some of its flagship hotels. Michael also worked for the Society of Petroleum Engineers in Malaysia as their Asia Pacific Director of Operations responsible for organizing and managing industry-related MICE activities. In his tenure, he has also developed good relationship with key stakeholders and decision makers in many national oil companies and international oil and gas corporations. Michael also worked as an independent consultant handling several pre-opening and restructuring projects. This include assisting the GM in opening the first Wyndham flagship hotel in Singapore; worked as an interim General Manager to open an exclusive club for arts & culture professionals in Guangzhou; developed and implement a comprehensive strategic Customer Service Excellence Program for United Overseas Bank in China as well as providing professional HR service & consultation to the new rebranded Hotel Jen in Singapore.

Michael has always been interested to develop the next generation of talents and leaders. Since 1995, Michael has served as an adjunct faculty for several local and foreign universities as well as some adult learning institutions on topics including Human Resource Management, Coaching & Counselling, Business Contract & Maritime Law, Organizational Behavior, Customer Service Training and many others.

Michael received his MBA from an Australian University and holds an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (Facilitated Learning). He is a registered Practicing Management Consultant (PMC), a recognized SkillsFuture Mentor for SMEs in Singapore and also a Certified Senior Professional with IHRP Singapore.

Administrative Details:

Scheduled Dates

• 24 September 2024  (Face-to-Face)  (1st Run)

Duration / Venue

• One day

• 9 am to 5:30 pm

• Hotel seminar room


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded at the end of the course.



• S$ 566.80 w/GST (S$520.00) for Community/Corporate

• S$ 599.50 w/GST (S$550.00) for Non-Subscribers


Grants/Subsidies/SkillsFuture Credit are not applicable.


• Coffee & tea with snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks

• Lunch will be provided

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