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Sending staff out to work


Dear HR Community,

Hope that all has been well with you.

We support the retail industry and send staff who are called merchandisers out to various stores to perform work like stocking shelves etc.

Since this is similar to deploying staff to work in other companies, does anyone know if this is allowed in phase one?

And how do we seek approval to send our staff out and start to generate sales for us?

Grateful for your inputs and advice on this.







Hi Joy,

First, you need to check if your Company falls under the list of permitted SSIC codes to operate in Phase 1:

If you can operate, then you can register the manpower on the website:

My understanding is that staff are only allowed to work on one premise.

So it seems that staff can’t be deployed to various outlets to work.

As for generating sales, you should telecommute using the telephone, video, emails etc.

Best Regards,

Ning Jia



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