Sharing Information with Unions

Dear HR Community

We are a food manufacturer and have employees who are unionised.

The union officials are therefore requesting for information about our employees especially sensitive data like salary etc.

And they are requesting this for all employees i.e. unionised and even for those who are not union members.

So, my question is whether we are required to share this with them.

Aren't we violating local laws like PDPA if we do?

And what will happen if we refuse to do so?

I would appreciate any advice based on your experience with unions.

Thank you in advance.




HR Poll: Are we required to share employee data like salary with unions?

Yes: 15.00%

No: 65.00%

Not sure: 20.00%




You can give salary range by level grade not the actual salary. - Mag

Try to understand the intention for this request. any other way to manage it e.g. provide gross take home without names if it is for the purpose of simulating the salary ranges during the CA negotiation/renewal. - Lyn

As Mag said, give the range for the job. Not specific salary. - Nas

Not obligated for non-union members. - CLY



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