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Short Service Contract


Hi all HR practitioners,

We often issue short service contract for projects from two weeks to three months.

1) What will be normal notice period available as such?

2) Can we ask them to pay salary in lieu of whatever days of work they did not complete? For example 2 months contract and the staff does work for only one month, so we ask them to pay the one month short service.

3) If after a three months contract, the company decides to extend a 2 more month contract, will we need to furnish the following?: Annual Leave, MC Hospitalisation Leave






1) Notice period for such short contracts can be a matter of a few days. Just keep to MOM's guidelines to be safe.

2) It depends on why the employee only work that 1 month. Was it because the project ended? or was it his/her own decision? If its the company's decision/the project has ended earlier, it's not fair to make employees pay for the remaining period.

3) Yes, with the new regulations, any contract more than 3 months should be given those benefits. I have recently hired a contract staff for a maternity cover period of 5 months, and the employee is entitled to those benefits as well.





1) 1-2 weeks

3) If full time contract is more than 3 months, you have to provide Annual leave and medical leave/benefit as per MOM.




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