Sick leave disclosure

Dear HR Community

What is your company's policy for staff reporting sick?

Do you expect staff to disclose the type of ailment when they report that they are sick and will be taking medical leave.

When an employee has a medical appointment at a medical institute, do you also expect staff to disclose reason for such appointment as he/she will be issued medical leave?

As medical conditions can be deemed sensitive or confidential, how do you then administer medical claims?

Do you expect staff to disclose the type of ailment when submitting their claim?

Lastly, does your company allow telemedicine?

Hope to hear your advice/sharing. Thank you in advance.

Best Regards, Edna



HR Poll: Do you expect staff to disclose their ailment when they are sick?

Yes: 22.41%

No: 36.21%

Sometimes: 37.93%

Not sure: 3.45%




Only if the frequency is very near and/or frequent, we shall ask to show care. For telemedicine, as at now, no one is submitting any claims or leave from there, but our company policy is as long as you can show supporting documents. - Shirly

They need to get an medical leave from a registered doctor in Singapore or a panel doctor in JB. Other than that, we do not insists on putting a reason for the medical leave. - Helen

It's about mutual trust hence we do not ask for specific details or information regarding staff medical leave or reasons unless they willing tell us. Telemedicine is not practiced is my organisation but understand that it is getting more common. - Janice

Hi Edna. Although there is no need to disclose medical condition every time staff submit their medical chit, it is a normal practice that all HODs are expected to be concerned of the status of their staff's ailment as to how it will affect the work on hand, to update HR or report to task force especially if the medical condition is COVID related or due to accident. All medical claims are acceptable (within claim limits) as long as receipts are issued by recognized clinics & hospitals. Yes, our company allows telemedicine claims as part of their outpatient benefits. - Hazel

Depends on situation, e.g. now staff have to declare if they have flu-like symptoms frequently. We will ask personally not through email, text message etc. Telemedicine is allowed. Have verified on authenticity. - Cherie

No disclosure required, we trust our staff to do the right thing when it comes to taking sick leave. - Ming

I wouldn't ask for the ailment, but many staff do disclose. I think this creates trust. I worry sometimes, because those emails get forwarded to large distribution lists and I think managers do not have the sensitivity to understand they should not do that. So preferably except for verbally, I should not have written documentation of the ailment as this is private data that I don't like to keep. - Danielle

Only when staff sick leave has become frequent. As employer we want to show concern and to understand staff's chronic sick leave and to make necessary arrangements to benefit of both employer and employee. - Mavis

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic we now need to know if it is related to the Covid-19 symptoms or other conditions. - MS

When the ailment affects work performance. - CLY

Staff issued MC by company doctor/general GP, HR do not need to know about the ailment. However Staff going for specialist treatment must inform HR of the ailment as we need to explain on the claim procedure and also time off is given for specialist treatment by the company. - Jit

Just to know why the staff took MC. - JS

It's a trust matter. unless it's a condition that requires long sick leave or hospitalisation. - Erin



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