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Sick leave eligibility


Dear HR Practitioners,

We generally provide sick leave for employees who are unwell and can't come to work.

Yet, there are more reasons why our employees are taking sick leave nowadays.

Are they eligible to use MCs for health screenings or doctor's appointments?

Do you usually grant them a full day off for these types of appointments?

Has your view of sick leave changed as a result of Covid-19?

Please share your views and comments by replying to this question and participating in the survey shown below.

We are in the construction industry.

Thank you very much for your comments in advance.




HR Poll: Sick leave is approved to:

Attend health screening: 14.86%

See a doctor if unwell: 39.19%

Keep a medical appointment: 21.62%

See a specialist: 24.32%






Any other medical appointment/s, employees utilise paid annual leave, otherwise, a sick leave certificate is given to the employee/s by the doctor/ specialist - the employee is entitled to utilise their paid sick leave.




Most companies will allow sick claims. We to review to be more humane or empathetic during this pandemic.




Generally, sick leave should only be used when the employee is sick on that day. For a medical appointment or health screening, it will be more appropriate to grant time off, if not to apply for annual leave instead.




Sick Leave should be given regardless if MC can be produced if there is a level of trust between manager and employee. It is quite prevalent here that many will rush to see a doctor even with a slight illness eg. headache or sore throat which can be self-medicated or with full rest at home.




Sick leave is granted as long as employees present a medical certificate from a registered doctor for seeking medical consultation/treatment/follow up appointment (GP, clinics, specialist, TCM) for up to sick leave quota (14days per year)




Medical leave is used when someone is unwell.




We allow staff to take full day sick leave when they go for a medical appointment or health screening so long as they can produce a valid medical chit from a certified doctor.




As long as they produce an MC we do not question it. We will recognise as sick leave. It is only in cases where they get time chit, we don't recognise as sick leave. Interestingly we noted a drop in the number of Sick Leave ever since COVID swab test was introduced at clinics if you have respiratory symptoms.




As long as there is a medical certificate issued, we will recognise it as sick leave.




As long as they are able to produce a medical certificate by their doctor/ specialist for the absence from office, we will approve it. They can choose to apply for half a day of sick leave if they choose to come back to the office before 2 pm (in cases of medical checkup/ appointments) with the medical certificate even if the doctor had granted them 1 full day.




We allow employees to file outpatient sick leave as long as their appointment dates can be issued/covered by an MC. We would place it on the onus of the doctor to determine if there is a need for this. For health screenings, they have to take annual leave UNLESS they have been allowed to take time off by their superiors (which is more often the case for our people).




Sick leave is for those who are unwell and if they have a valid medical appointment to see a doctor, that sick leave can be recognised.




As long a doctor issues them MC even for medical review and follow up. If it is for their annual medical check-up then they have to take leave to attend unless doctor issues them MC after their annual medical check-up.




If the staff goes for a medical appointment, either they can take time off if it is 3 hours or less. They can also take half-day or full-day.



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