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Do companies in Singapore have an HR policy on the use of social media by their employees? And if employees list their current employment such as job title and organisation name on LinkedIn or other social media platforms does the HR department oversee and manage it?

Reply by HRAI

Yes, many companies have HR policies regarding the use of social media.

These policies are put in place to ensure that employees use social media platforms in a responsible and appropriate manner, and to protect the company’s reputation.

If an employee lists their current employment, job title, and company name on LinkedIn or other social media platforms, the company can manage and handle it by:

1. Having a clear social media policy: The company should have a policy that outlines the guidelines and expectations for employees’ use of social media. This policy should include guidelines on how employees should represent the company on their personal social media profiles.

2. Educating employees: The company should provide training and education on the social media policy to all employees. This will help them understand the expectations and potential consequences of their actions on social media platforms.

3. Monitoring and addressing issues: The company should regularly monitor employees’ social media profiles to ensure compliance with the policy. If any issues or concerns arise, the company should address them promptly and appropriately.

4. Taking appropriate action: If an employee’s social media activity violates the company’s policy or has a negative impact on the company’s reputation, disciplinary action may be taken. The specific actions taken will depend on the severity of the violation and may range from a verbal warning to termination of employment. It is important for companies to strike a balance between respecting employees’ privacy and protecting the company’s reputation.

By implementing a clear social media policy and providing education to employees, companies can effectively manage and handle employees’ use of social media.

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Does your organisation have a social media policy that oversees how employees use it?

Yes, we do have a social media policy: 21.74%

No, we don’t have such a policy: 60.87%

I am not sure about our company policy: 17.39%

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