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Hi All,

I would like to check if you have any interesting staff benefits in your organisation worth sharing? Apart from common benefits like leave, flexible work time. Seeking to enhance our staff welfare & benefits to keep everyone happy.


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Yes we have travel allowance, birthday gift, department dinner, etc.


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Our company provides annual overseas trips to the employees and also there are monthly leisure events for team bonding or simply just have fun.


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Our company provides health bank benefit whereby for every quarter if employees did not take any MC for that quarter, they get to claim $100 for health related products/sports related services, products and gym classed to promote healthy lifestyle. Would love to hear from others what other types of benefits they offer for their staff.


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For more than 10 years, we have been arranging for a basic+ health screening to all staff once a year with the health screen providers coming into the office. Staff can choose to upgrade their screen packages at own cost above the cost paid for by company.


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May be Interesting to you, but its usually taken for granted here.  Staff benefits include:

– one off monthly $80 for junior staff if no sick leave utilize in the month.

- one off monthly $60 for senior and management staff if no sick leave/Med Appt utilize in the month.

- yearly (for junior married staff) $600 for holiday travel with family), $1,000 (senior married staff)

- yearly $300 for single staff for holiday travel

- $35 for transport claim and $10 for dinner if working beyond 8:30pm, no OT though for management staff

- morning breakfast for staff arriving before 7:30am, assorted cut-fruits tray at pantry during weekdays’ lunch hour

- pantry filled with coffee machine and tea bags and unlimited munchies

- pending new group gym membership to be approved

- health insurance and life insurance in accordance to rank


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1. Monthly birthday celebration with game

2. Festive gifts

3. Budget for department dinner/lunch

4. Half day off on new year and Christmas eve


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We have our quarterly team bonding amongst staff &/or departmental group. Then there's the one organised by the company for all staff. Weekly fruits, snacks and monthly b/d celebrations with b/d gift vouchers. Sports activities and health wellness program. Monthly season parking at office premises paid by the company.


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At our company, we actually offer corporate GRAB rides for staff travels.. outside of that, everything else is just the norm.


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Yearly health screening, quarterly hr activities (sports, dinner, drinks), birthday token.



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