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Staff Injured Herself During Overseas Holiday


Hi HR Professionals,

One of my staff injured herself during an overseas holiday. She was warded for 1 day in Singapore Hospital. Must the employer pay for her Hospitalised Leave and Medical Expenses?. l am very confused and I need advise on this matter.

Thank You




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Our company has Group Insurance to cover Hospitalisation & Surgery and even Personal Accidents. For us, we also provide Paid HL if the staff was hospitalised.




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I believe your employee is fully covered under Company Insurance. Informed your insurer immediately and the hospitalization will be taken care of.




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Your staff will still be entitled to hospital leave. However Medical Expenses is not mandatory. If you have staff benefits in the form of medical insurance, he or she can claim from there. It is during the overseas holiday so it is not under the Work Injury Compensation Act as well. So there is no
need to compensate under the Act.




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Whether the employer should be paying for the Medical expense or not depends on your company’s policy. The employment law does not require companies to provide medical expenses. But most companies provide it like a competitive benefit in order to attract talent. Most companies buy Group Hospitalization insurance which covers for hospitalization regardless of whether it is suffered at work, at home or during overseas holidays. If your company has GHS insurance, you should check what is covered and claim from the insurance. If your company does not buy any GHS for your employees but has stated in your policy or employment contract that you provide hospitalization cover, then the company is obligated to pay for it. But medical and hospitalization leave, however, is covered by Employment Act – so the company must provide for it.