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Staff on Unpaid Leave


Dear HR folks,

We have a staff who is on “unknown” period of unpaid leave due to a medical condition. In your opinion, can we deactivate the employee’s email address?

And for an unknown period of unpaid leave, do you think it’s right that we can talk to the staff, and agree on a possible return date? If the employee still unable to return, we will terminate the contract.

For your kind advise pls!






1. To confirm is this staff a PME or NON PME.

2. For PME follow clause in contract.

3. NON PME, their entitlement is up to 60days hospitalization leave, if the staff provide medical certificate, company are to comply with the max 60 days hospitalization.

4. If they provide, you cannot put them on unpaid leave until we they have fully utilize.

Usually hospital will be able to give a period until they need to go back for checkup.





If the staff is on unpaid leave, even though it is not known how long he/she will be away, you may wish to consider redirecting the email to someone else who is handling his/her work.

Regarding the period of the unpaid leave, I feel it is alright to discuss with the staff that if he/she does not know when he/she can return, agree on a period of time and agree that should this time frame lapsed, then the company will consider that the staff has resigned or will be terminated from service. We did this with one of our staff who became very ill during his employment with us. The staff and family agreed.




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