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Dear HR Practitioners,

Does your Company allow staff to take advance leave (clear all their leave entitlement before end of the year) or only allowed staff taking their earned leave?

Currently, we allowed staff to take advance leave based on 14 days AL entitlement per year into two periods 1st half of the year and 2nd half of the year. Only allowed to bring forward 7 days of leave balance to the following year.

Example: Jan to June - 7 days & July to Dec. - 7 days

Looking forward to your sharing.





Only earned leave as per our HR policy.





Our Company does not allow staff to take advance leave (clear all their leave entitlement before the end of the year). Only allowed staff taking their earned leave.





For ease of administration, no advance leaves to be taken. If employees have exhausted their annual leaves, they should take unpaid leaves so they need to plan their leaves carefully.

Only X no. of days should be carried forward to the next year, say 3 or 5 days maximum. You may also give a cut off date, say by 30 June of the following year for carried forward leaves. If they accumulated too many leaves and in the event of their resignations, the company will have to pay back the utilised leaves.





We allow employees to take advanced leave up to current year entitlement. They can bring forward max 1-year leave entitlement to be cleared by 30 Jun the following year.




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