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Staff Travelling on Non Working Day


Dear all HR practitioners,

May I know what is your company HR practices if you send your staff to overseas for attending convention or training.

Scenario: The convention is held on Sunday, If the flight departure time is scheduled on Saturday (non-working day), do you grant your staff off in-lieu for their travelling time on Saturday?




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You should check on the Company Policy and the Contract of Service. If still do not have, you may check with the person in charge or your department head for advice. For our case, our staff will be paid under per diem / allowance. Each country is paid differently.




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For ad-hoc travelling by our staff, we do not compensate with an off day or leave credit if the travelling falls on the weekend. However, if there is a public holiday during travel, we will compensate by leave credit.




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We tend to keep it flexible and leave it to the Supervisors to discuss with staff on the off in-lieu arrangements.




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It depends on the leave policy of your organisation. For my organisation staff that travel on the weekend are granted half day TOIL Leave, which has to be claimed in one month, or else it is forfeited.




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If the training is sponsored by the company or company sent that employee for training then we have to grant off in-lieu for Saturday.