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Statutory Holiday Falls on a Rest Day


Dear HR Professionals,

Our employees in Hong Kong is working on a 5-day week. 17 February 2018 (Saturday) is the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year which is also Hong Kong’s statutory holiday.

Please advise if the company needs to compensate the employees another day off as Saturday is not a working day for our employees. They have missed out a day of rest day compared to those who are working on a 6-day week.

Thank you.




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Is the employee working over at Hong Kong on a regular basis? If yes, it would be more appropriate for him to follow the Hong Kong public holiday calendar. If not, he will be enjoying the public holiday for both countries.




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Depending also if Saturday is not a working day in accordance with Hong Kong labour laws. But if it is, no need to compensate employees with an additional on the fact it is not an organizational holiday but a public holiday. Accordingly, national labour laws should be applied in such a case.




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I'm not sure about compensation but you could provide them an off in lieu?




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I guess it is the same in Singapore, most if not all companies would provide a day off-in-lieu for the non-working day; if it is a public holiday. You can specify that the day off-in-lieu must be cleared within 3 months or 6 months. In our case, what we did this year was to have an official close on Monday, 19 Feb 2018, to make up for the 17 Feb 2018; so everyone has a long weekend.




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Our HK sister company CNY holidays is from 16 to 19 Feb 2018. In HK, they do not replace the holiday if it falls on a Saturday.




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We gave off-in-lieu x 1 day for 17 Feb 2018 holiday. Condition is that they have to clear by 31 Dec 2018, not encashable and will be forfeited if unused.




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If your company is on 5 days workweek then is required to add 1 more day AL to the employees.