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Study Bond


Dear HR Professionals,

At present, my company does not have any study bond for employees that undergo training and thereafter the employees leave the company after the completion of the study.

I would like to know how do your company handles this issue and does the Union needs to be involved/informed?




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My company study bond starts upon the completion of course.

- < S$ 5000 1 year
- 5000~10000 2 year
- 10000~20000 3 year
- 20000~ 4 year




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We have a letter of undertaking/understanding. First, we sit down with the staff and explain the objective. We also let the staff understand the cost and opportunity invested. We request for mutual understanding and specifically ask for a commitment to stay on with the company for a specific period of time [whichever period is most relevant]. All that is said is put in writing and the staff countersigns his understanding and agreement.

Not a foolproof method but an open request for trust, base on goodwill and respect.
It has worked well for us.




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The company I used to work at has two scheme.

For courses sponsorship

Up to 1k - 6 months
1k to 2.5k - 1 year
Every 2.5k increment will be .5 year up to 4 years

For Diploma/Degree/Postgrad

10k - 1 year
20k - 2 years
30k - 3 years

Every 10k will increase by 1 year.




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For staff sponsored for further studies by the company, the length of the bond period is linked to the total monetary value of the sponsorship.