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Dear HR Community Subscribers,

Various media reports have begun to highlight how some companies are supporting their employees as working from home (WFH) continues unabated.

These include providing allowances for furniture, internet, software, and equipment.

And when a community subscriber asked about providing WFH allowances last October, less than 10 percent of organisations responded that they were doing so.

Consequently, with the pandemic becoming endemic with "Greek" variants, are more organisations supporting their staff as they continue to WFH?



HR Poll: Does your organisation now provide support for remote work?

Yes: 36.36%

Still considering: 15.91%

No: 45.45%

Still not sure: 2.27%



Everyone is given a company laptop. If the employee wishes to bring home their office chair and computer monitor, they can do so and claim for transportation fee to bring home those items. Since no need to travel to work, the company treats the fixed monthly transport allowance as an internet/electricity allowance. The company also provides printers, headsets, laptop stands, USB Hubs, and other accessories if an employee requested. - SKL

WFM continues but we do not provide WFM allowances. - Nancy

The company does not give any support to the employees as working from home is 'already' support for them. - Sharon

Not at the moment. - Jeslin

We still go to the office to work. - YWF

We provided a one-off WFH stipend for employees to get furniture/equipment for their WFH setup. - AXL

We support employees with IT products. - Cass

We pay a monthly allowance of S$40 and allow for ergonomic tables and chairs to be claimed under our benefits scheme. - Jessie

We didn't provide any form of allowance but the company allowed employees to bring home the company monitor and chair for WFH. - CKL


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