Effective Performance Appraisal

Effective Performance Appraisal Course Video Registration Form Set objectives that staff are committed to and support people to achieve these objectives during this workshop on Performance Management. Introduction Do you dread conducting appraisal sessions? Do you find them to be a time-wasting and paper filling exercise? Performance Management starts with setting SMARTER objectives that staff are committed to. Through constructive feedback, coaching and appraisal discussions, supervisors can support their staff to achieve these objectives. Effective performance management ensures staff are motivated and engaged to achieve high performance. This creates a win-win outcome for staff, management and organisation. Course Details:  Objectives • Adopt a holistic framework and positive mindset towards performance management • Align objectives of organisation, self and team members • Effectively set SMARTER objectives and obtain commitment from staff to achieve them, taking into account external environmental circumstances • Map work behaviours to competencies • Use competencies to manage individual and team performance • Apply different interventions to handle high, average and low performers • Give constructive feedback and coaching to support staff performance • Apply a comprehensive and structured approach to ensure a fruitful outcome from the appraisal discussions. • Use the appraisal discussions to maximise staff’s potential […]